Thursday, January 13, 2011


It was the same car again! Hmmm.....why do I have to bump into the same car again and again when I don't want to?? Is it because my subconscious mind speaks louder? That deep inside everytime I see that model from far, I only think of that ONE car!? Hmm....or is it true that at times a fairy just happen to fly above my head and heart my subsconscious mind hence makes it come true!!???

I don't know but somehow when I bump to it again and again, it kinda gives me a signal A signal which I don't want to analyse too much! Let me bump into anything or anyone but my confidence should never decrease! With that positive thoughts I shall blog and bug. Life is after all a BoX of ChoColate!!


  1. umm.. what make is that car?? Dont worry.. my wishes with you.. bump into all the cars you like.. without any side effects.. unless ofcourse u bump sideways :P (awww pathetic joke)

    Happy Safe Driving!!

  2.'s a Ford and it's more of the person who owns it ;)


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