Thursday, October 7, 2010

As the day draws nearer!

I have successfully completed some reports and even the School Board will be over this Friday. That would be a big relief for me as I need not think of work till I come back the following week. Conversation among us is only about Chennai these days! We look more radiant and cheerful and I think we are really smiling more often. ha ha

Visa collected, currency exchanged, luggage settled! Phew looks like everything is in order for the moment!!

Somehow, time is ticking away superfast this month. I am actually very nervous about my trip to India. It is not really about the trip but more of my phobia! Yes, I have phobia for flights! Everytime I have to fly, I am stricken with this fear! It is more to panic actually but I am good at camouflaging my emotions. The sligthest jerk on the flight would instil fear in me! Damn!! Why can't I just sit and enjoy the journey, instead I would be so nervous and counting minutes when on earth will the flight land!! Ahh..I will worry about this part on the plane!!!

Surely it will be a very happening outing this time with four ladies exploring Chennai. We would want to go down to ground level and mingle with the locals. That' way we get to know the people and culture well!!  Hopefully my friend Ven had done the bookings for transport and accomodation for us! Heck, even if he didn't it is not difficult to get accommodation in Chennai. There are plenty of budget hotels around. I have seen them when I was at T-Nagar last year! ;)

We planned to watch "Endhiran" again in Chennai. This time it is going to be a different ball gall altogether. The crowd in Malaysia is more quiet and obedient. Scenario is going to be complete 360degrees turn from what we have experienced here. Anyway, we can't wait to be part of the audience in Chennai cinema. I bet it is going to be an out-of the world experience!! ha ha...

Shopping is a must, what do you expect with four females on holiday! We got to live up to our trademark ha ha!Now, that reminds me, I better make a list of things to purchase.

STOP!!! I better get back to work as I still have unfinished work! Think I just heard my boss calling..ha ha...

I am all smiles thinking of the trip, just can't wait. It is only a few more days away!! AAAwwww....yes!!!!


  1. Welcome to India. Shop hard , party harder and keep blogging :-)

  2. Hope that u are enjoying ur stay a lot... I guess your mantra for now would be "Shop till you drop"

  3. I enjoyed myself very much but the weather was terribly hot!! Shopping was a bliss and really shopped till drop!! Lol ;)


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