Friday, October 8, 2010

73, that is the number


Looks like my rank had been going up for the last two months. Yes, this time it is 73!! I know still it is not as high as what others has but for a person who had been getting "50" all the time. This is something to be proud of. Perhaps I am blogging the smarter way now, not just type..type..type... Hmm... So it is not just blogging and updating that matters, now I realise there are so many other stuff too. SMART Blogging - that is what I think has made the tremendous upgrade to my ranking for the last two months. Let's see if I can hit 80 for October which I doubt a little as I will be away for a vacation this month and bloggging might be limited!! Still, I will try my best. 80 - is the target for this month!

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