Monday, August 16, 2010

Sometimes things happen!

I felt a cold shiver down my spine and I could see bulbs above me running horizontally, super fast. Everything was happening so fast that my mind could not register it all in any sequence. This time it happened for real. The "everything will be fine the next day" didn't work. It is an obsolete thought for the moment. Sheer obsolete. I had always been brave, at least tried to.Now I am scared, exactly that's how I felt. I just wanted to get out of that place. Odour of medicine and perhaps the colour white everywhere I turned made me nausea. 

This is it I thought. The doctors told me it is a simple and painless procedure. Damn, how would they know. It is me who is on the bed now and not him! I just wanted to run away. Run away as far as I could but I could hardly move. My head spins faster than the earth! My limbs were weak, almost could not feel them.

"Ouch!". That was a big needle. I thought I was injected like - I don't know. Time stood still for me. Why another injection I thought? Not that anyone would bother to answer anyway. Leave it. The man in white coat came near me, so near that the medicine odour chocked me. 

He asked how I feel, almost whispering to my ears. I just blinked blank at him. Does it matter? Just get over with it fast. I am cold, I am scared, I am nervous. Damn it, just get over with it. It happened.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw my mother in tears next to my bed. I am back to the ward from the surgery room. For a moment I wondered if I had gone through the surgery or was just going. Was I dreaming? I was in a daze. Mom slowly told me that I had been unconscious for one day. The wall calendar was on Tuesday. Meaning, Monday was a complete wipe off from my life! 

Never mind, I am alive. That is what matters. I am cleared of what had been bugging me. I am healthy again. After a week in the specialist centre I was allowed to go home. Although I am under medication at the moment, I feel thankful to be around.  

Finally I back to blogging after a long absence. Blog ang BUG, as usual...ha ha ;)

ps: I take this opportunity to thank my family members and dear friends for their prayers and get well soon wishes. Loved the flowers sent to me. It brightened up my day in the wad. Thanks again and love you all.

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