Friday, July 30, 2010

Say No More

Do not say that you love me
For it will break my heart
Yet I love you so dearly
I’m unable to be frank with you

Do not say that you care for me
For I will breakdown and cry
You know how much I care for you
Yet I have to pretend my dear

Do not say that you miss me
For I will miss you too
So much so that I want you
Alas, I can’t help but to ignore

Do not say that you need me
For you know I need you more
More than anyone else in this world
However, my feelings I have to cage

Do not say that you want me
For it makes me so weak and fragile
Yet I learned to be bold and strong
To shun you advances I dare

Do not say anything my love
For they are only sweet lies
Lies that hurt my vulnerable heart
Lies that covers your dishonesty

What you wanted and what I wanted
Were entirely two different things
So lets not hurt each other further
Lets not pretend to each other
Let us part peacefully, my love
And try to be friends…………


  1. Thank you Geeta...Glad that you liked it... ;)

  2. wow really liked this one..very sweet reminded me of my first ever crush..

    I write poetry as well check out my blog too


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