Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kanndasan Again....

Last nite as I lie quietly listening to the old faithful Radio 6 oldies, my mind began to wander and wonder alot of things about life. First time ever I heard the song 'Padaithane' and instantly I was drawn to the meaningful lyrics by, whoelse if not the great Kannadasan! I didn't quite grasp which movie the song was from but I was mesmerized by the wonderful lines. Great thoughts of life and pains in life!! How true. Kannadasan....oh...Kannadasan.....
Somehow I managed to get the song in YouTube after many searches! When I watched the song, only then I realised how beautifully the song had been taken. Of course, Sivaji did a great job with his fantastic expressions and lip sync. No one can better explain pain of life than Kannadasan and no one can give a better expression for such songs than the great Sivaji!!
Enjoy the song!

Today is the late poet, Kaviarasu Kannadasan's birthday. Should he been alive, he would have be 83 years old and would have contributed more to Tamil arts and literature. Such short lived life for him and also the language itself.

I personally grew up listening to his songs and also Appa is his ardent fan. Appa sings his songs well and he actually encouraged me to listen to the lyrics and made me realize how similar they are to real life incidents. My passion to listen to this man’s songs grew stronger especially those motivational ones. They keep me moving. I still listen to them whenever I need to courage to move on.

Of course my grandpa played the initial role in introducing me to Kannadasan’s songs without even his knowledge and also I was at an age so young that I knew nothing about Tamil songs. He used to sing the famous “Ponnal Pogathum Poda” and also “Kan Ponna Pokkile”. Not to forget my grandpa’s all time favourite “Veedu Varai Uravu”. I still remember laughing at him for singing such songs and to me at that time, those lyrics were really funny and he had told me "one day you will know". Now I know and realize, those are the real songs of life!.

Indeed, how true grandpa was. All these songs now have some kind of reflection to my life! Sigh...These are the songs that lift my spirit and keeps me moving. They give me courage and gives me a reason to go on. They make me see the other side of life. Thanks to the Great Kannadasan.

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