Thursday, June 17, 2010


Why does it has to be so cold in the office lately? Afterall we are a tropical country, and I wonder why we need so much of chillness in here. And nothing much to compliment the weather outside either! It is like living in two different zones, one is too cool and the other is too hot!

Once we are out of the office it is scorching hot outside. Being in an island doesn't help much. It only gets hotter and hotter. And to add salt to the wound, the traffic is almost standstill at some major roads. I just can't wait for the school holidays to over. That should lessen the traffic little. I know Penang is the best holiday spot in Malaysia, he he... but then overcrowding by outstation cars are irritating. They should go buy a map or not drive at peak hours and we Penangites hate it when you drive like a tortoise infront of us. We don't have the patience!! oppss ok we are Kiasus ;)

Anyway, the chillness has took control over my sense of dressing and of course my hair is super dry these days. I miss wearing my favourite skirts and short dresses to work. My best friends these days are my shawl, body lotion and lots of water!!

Numb..Numb...Numb....Got to take a break.....Tea time....... ;)

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