Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Invest in a good woman...and love her lots...

It's worth a great fortune to invest your time in a woman, especially a good woman. If you are an experienced man of the world, you would no doubt agree with me.

Women are a peculiar species. If you succeed in conquering her heart, she will incessantly sacrifice for you till the end of your life.

Just think, you spend a bit of your time to go out to dinner with her, watch a movie or bestow a simple gift. Or you say a few kind words to touch her heart or promise to shower her with happiness till the end of her days. Or you take time to kill the pesky cockroaches in the kitchen, or make the effort to carry some heavy stuff for her or open the car door. You continue to do all these things and care for her well-being for the next two to three years....

What do you get in return?

You will be amazed to find that you have a woman who will care for you for the rest of your life. She will wait for you at the doorstep with a naïve and sweet smile to greet you each time you return from work. Of course, you don't get a sweet smile when you have argued with her but nevertheless, she will still have a warm dinner ready for you once she cools off from the heated argument.

One of the greatest things she does is to give birth to your child (of course, the unbearable pain need not be mentioned here). She will continue to care and feed the child who bears your surname for years to come no matter how naughty your child is.

On top of that, she does housework (something you hate doing), washes your clothes, puts your child to sleep and spends many a night tossing on the bed alone waiting for your return. Some guys would rather spend their time drinking with friends at the bar while telling her that he has some important assignment to finish in the office, letting her wait in the living room till the wee hours of the morning .

When you are down, she will be the first to encourage you. When you are happy, she would be the first to share in your happiness even before you open your mouth to tell her as she can know just from looking at your facial expressions. When you obtain good results in your work or assignments, she feels your happiness with all her heart and prays to God to protect and bless you with more successes in the future.

And yet in spite of it all, you choose to repay her by asking her to talk less and telling her not to bother your work. You ask her to sleep when she wants to spend precious moments sharing about the simple happenings of the day. Sometimes, you are too proud to take her along when you are out with your friends. Can you feel the suffering she must endure for the next 30 years of her life staying with someone like you?

And to all men, in the next 30 years, what are you going to do to repay her in some measure for her loyalty and sacrifices; you probably are only capable of continuing to do what you know best...and that is, to work
I want to therefore beseech you men to appreciate the women in your life.
If you notice any woman making sacrifices for you, the door to a life of joy and happiness has opened before you. Don’t forget to grab the opportunity to share your happiness with her and be the man of her dreams.
Love you women...mom...sis....lover...friend... Appreciate them well...

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