Monday, October 26, 2009


Thursday, 15/10/2009 was my last working day before I start my Deepavali holiday. Need I say more??? The festive mood had begun and I was in no mood to work at all. Geetha and I took this opportunity to shop at Little India that afternoon. We did manage to find some good bargains at the 11th hour!

(scenario @ Little India)

We were terrorised by NST reporters who were covering the last minute madness at Little India. They interviewed us briefly and our photos were taken. Deep inside I prayed real hard that the photograph should not be published. I am ok if they publish the interview but not the photos. As everyone knows, I am ANTI-SOCIAL!!!!!! and I hate getting unwanted attentions. I move quietly and slowly in my own comfort zone. I don't like that to be intruded by anyone!!

Later in the evening, again I took a stroll along Little India to see if I can get more bargain. Not that I have anything in specific to purchase as I have done my Deepavali shopping while I was in India last month. This is more to 'cuci mata'.

With one more day for Deepavali, the place was almost a mad house! Traders tendering their products and buyers bargaining for the best price. I was really chaotic but was a pleasant surrounding. This is the time of the year where you will Penangite Indian coming in scores and see them all gathering besides Thaipusam.

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