Monday, October 26, 2009

The nite before Deepavali

What more to expect on this day than more work and more cooking. Time was so short yet too many things to do! We all got up early this morning although we slept pretty late nite after watching a movie. "Rombe theve inthe mathiri time-le"!!! ?But who could resist Kamalhassan's movie??

Mom told us strictly that we have to perform prayers by 7pm and nothing beyong that time. We all know her tone in this matter! She meant what she said and any delay will cause mass destruction at home!!! It has happened before and no way history should repeat itself.

So all of us, my dad and we (3 siblings) started household chore as early as 8am! Man, it is worst than working day. First it was the porch, then the compound and then finally the interior of the house was cleaned. Mom was engaged in the kitchen, preparing dinner and most importantly, food for "padayal".

In between that, dad and sis had to take a quick drive to the nearest electrical shop as our blender just went "kaput"!!! Of all days today!! Damn, we could see mom slowly losing her patience. And we kept to ourselves as none of us would want to become her victim. Well, neeedless to say, dad is always her victim and OUR HERO!!! he he....Thanks for saving us dad.

No matter how much we did and how fast we did,we were delayed 30mins for prayers. Mom lost her patience but it was not all disaster!!! ha ha....

Prayers took place well, firecrackers were next....dinner was excellent!

Now, we were all reminded fiercely to get up early the next day!!

(Padayal food)

(New clothes)

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