Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a weekend it was....and now blogging at work....

It was an extremely hectic weekened! That's all I can say!

I personally had my own plans but none actually took place!! Well, I still managed to get my hair highlighted...ha ha...that was not in the plan at all. That was just an escape from the madness!

All my time was spent on taking my friends who came from Singapore around the island. At first I was told that they will be here only for 2 days but they extended their stay till last nite. Well, that was really ok as we were truly happy to receive them. Afterall, they are an old friend of ours and it was great to have them around over the weekend.

It was just my phobia of driving around as I was always scared of traffic jams on the island and another major problem which I anticipated was getting a parking space! Somehow, everything went really smooth. Traffic was smooth, getting a parking space at Penang Hill and Pagoda had been easier!! Miracle, I would say.

There are a certain thing I missed, i.e. I fantasized sleeping late and waking up late over the weekend but mmmm all that was just a fantasy!! Reality was, I had to get up early, take my frens around the island. Show them some interesting places....yeah rite interesting places on a weekend...??

I thought it was going to be disaster as the island would be jammed from every corner! But it was a pleasant surprise when I was able to make it very smoothly to places like Penang Hill, Pagoda, Gurney Drive, Teluk Bahang, Pulau Tikus, Little India and Botanical Garden! Some of the many places I went over the weekend, well I was the tour guide to be exact!!

Oh yeah, I managed to get a temporary tattoo on my leg! That was fun and dad had a shock thinking it was a real one. I think my parents will freak out if I ever get a real tattoo done.... ;)

Well, all was well and went well!! Wish my friends had a good time here and hope they feel they were treated well. My family and I did our best to accommodate them.

And now I'm back to work...reality.....

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