Friday, September 18, 2009

Long holidays are here again.....

It is going to be a long weekend and I have already have my own plans. Being a TV buff I am proud to confess that I will be hooked to TV day in day out. And that is going to to terribly irritating for my parents. Well, I am different and they should see me that way.

No point expecting me to be like my sis or bro when I am cannot be one! I might be different but that does not make me any lesser than others!! I am still in the Kalidass family!

I have planned to go for a movie with my friends. Kamalhassan is my favourie actor and I have never missed his movies. I had watched them all in cinema. Worth watching anyway. How I wished this movie was released when I was in India last month!!! Would have watched it with the crowd and would have been part of the jovial crowed too.

Now, whatelse for the weekend? Yeah, I am having visitors from Singapore arriving tonite. He was my old chat friend and we had never met before. He is coming with his wife and kids. Of course that would be fun but I will miss
my privacy over the weekend. Anyway, I can do with that for two days. ;)

What more? Navarathiri starts tomorrow and it's time for me to obseve vegetarian diet again. Attend prayers at the nearby temple. Probabaly I should dropby Market Street this evening on my way home and purchase some sweets.

Is that all? Well, looks like so far that much I know will be taking place over the long weekend. And before I know it will be Wednesday and it is going to be blue wednesday.

Life is a circle, when something ends somethingelse begins! I got to keep paddling otherwise I will fall!! Oh yeah, at other times I can be an elusive butterfly!!

Happy holidays, Selamat Hari Raya and berhati-hati di jalan raya.

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