Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Love is when you meet someone
And know there is no one else......
It takes away your breath
And your heart begins to melt......
Each kiss is its own space in time
Each touch is as lingering as the first
You don't know whether to laugh or cry
And you stand in a dream with a feeling of thirst....
Thirst for the times you are yet to have
Content for the times you've had
Friendship for the times when sorry is not enough
Loyalty throughout the good times and bad
When you look into their eyes
You swear you can see the stars and sky
Everything seems better than it ever was
The only words that come to mind are how and why......
It never matters how you look
Or the place that you're coming from
Love can spread from heart to heart
And to the lives of everyone.......
So there's hope for everyone I see
Sure as the North Star at night
That one day I will have my turn
And love will come without a fight.......


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