Thursday, July 2, 2009

I thought I knew.....

I was wrong.....dead wrong about the town I once used to wander....Last week I was at Bukit Mertajam town to take my dad for his check up. It was peak hours and as I entered the hospital compound I am greeted by a standstill traffic for about 10minutes. I couldn’t find a parking spot and had to get of my dad at the hospital and went out of the hospital compound hoping to find a parking lot. This town, that was once my “fort” had become such an alien to me. It was madness. I thought I knew the roads and tried my luck parking outside. I was dead wrong!

Those roads still does exist but I am unable to park as the vacant lands had been taken up for new development! Finally, I ended up parking at the taman usahaniaga and walked all the way to the hospital.

The walk on the aisle of the hospital always brings back memories to me. That was my shortcut to BM bustation after school. It was for most of us. I still remember there were two ways, one was rite infront of the mortuary and another passing the wards and hospital canteen. The mortuary route was shorter, so that will be my first choice but if extra curriculum ends at 6.30, then the canteen route will be the best. It is simple because the mortuary gate is only open till 5pm!

The BM District Hospital is just next to my former school, Convent Bukit Mertajam. Hey, from my science lab I could actually see the hospital and its mortuary very clearly. Hence, I got really used to the hospital scenario and its smell. It had become a part and parcel of most of the BM Convent girls. Everytime I pass by my school, my memories will fly back to the ‘90s. Such a reminiscer I was that day. He he.. who wouldn’t anyway??

I really miss those good old days where my friends and I used to wait for our school bus after school. We usually have to wait for at least 20mins before our school bus arrives and the waiting period- it was full of fun. We used to snack on rojak, ice-cream and air sirap. Play toi or jengket to pass time. The land opposite BM school was empty and it was indeed a dead end. So we had all the space to play and it was safe. Away from the road.

Now I see the land no more exists. It is replaced by a road, right in front of the school. The school had sunk as the construction of the new flyover had made the small school look even smaller!!!

I don’t know this town anymore. I must learn to understand that time has changed a lot of things in its course. I must accept this as well. I have so much to reminisce but I if I do, I will miss a lot of things. So I shall just stop here. ;)

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