Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am sort of back.......sort of....

It’s been a week now since I blogged something really worthwhile. I’ve been doing the lazy man’s job of cut and paste articles. That is really lazy of me. Lazy of me for the cut-paste job but not for blogging something tangible. I can’t blame myself for not blogging.

I had been really tied-up with the Format JPS and also preparing agenda for the next School Board meeting. Crazy. When you have nothing much to do, nothing really pops up too but when your hands are full, you get too many things popping up with the status “very-urgent”. What the hell is that suppose to be.

And that always puts me in a dilemma of which to be done and priorities is at stake as everything I am doing is already in the form of “urgent”. Then now job loads come with “very urgent” and “very very urgent” tags. I know its much easier to categorize priority with these tags but trust me they are of no different from one another. Time is always the evil factor.

I’m done with one and then another appear or the same things appears for amendments. Crazy life. Madness.

At times as this, I work on multiple screens minimized and maximized from minutes to minutes from one to another. My brains is working at multiple level, juggling a few task at the same time. I am amazed at myself for being able to do this. It really weird and I have asked myself a dozen times how am I coping this way.

Somehow, so far I have coped well and I “think” I will also. After all, this is my rice bowl. I need to safeguard it. I am just as dispensable, replaceable, transferable blah…blah…blah…as everyonelse! God what a thought…..

Reality bites, and now I’m going back to my multitasking again…..sighs….

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