Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute to King of Pop-Michael Jackson (29.8.1958 - 25.06.2009)

My my....what a week....First I heard of Farah Fawcett and then Michal Jackson. I still cannot believe my ears although the news is confirmed. And it is reported widely all over the media across the nation. I have seen the clips and read more than 10 articles but I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

It’s unimaginable that my childhood “heartthrob” is no more. MJ, as many have fondly called him had passed away due to cardiac arrest on 25.06.2009. And he was to make a comeback on 13 July 2009 in London. It was such a bitter truth that he is no more.

Shamelessly I shed tears this morning while driving to work as the radio station played his numbers. I couldn’t care less for the motorist who watched me and must have thought I had a fight with my boyfriend!! *SIGH*….

I couldn’t hold my tears this morning while driving to work as radio stations played his numbers. A horribly sad journey to work this morning and it’s Friday. And if you listen to his song “One day in your life”, you will know how significant it is now.

Back in 80s, I still remember dad bought his cassettes and that’s how I got introduced to this man. Many of us in my age group grew up listening to his songs and watching his clips. He was a real role model to my generation. I still remember having his posters in my cupboard and also his tiny cut outs slotted in the textbook wrappers. His influence on youngsters was colossal.

I could still recall Elizabeth Taylor actually addressed him as “King of Pop” in one of the Grammy Awards, many many years back. Moonwalk, glittering army jacket, tight pants, single hand silver gloves, curly hair and his high pitch, are some of the things that you cannot miss seeing in him..those were his prominent trademarks. And then of course, there is this, his all time favourite crotch grabbing style with one arm stretched above his head with high pitched “aaww”!!! Sounds familiar….already imagining it…Well, that is MJ. J

Of course it cannot be denied that he had become really freaky lately. With too many allegations and accusations made against him. Well, I am not sure if they are true or merely an attempt to gain popularity. And it never bothered me at all. To me MJ was MJ, fair or dark, he was MJ.

The loss and grief for this man will be only understood and felt by those people who actually listened to his songs. For those people whose lives he had played a part thru his music. But to others he is merely another passing cloud.

Whatever said and done, and however freaky he had become lately, he will be forever missed and remembered by millions of his fans. The legend never dies….he lives in our memories and every song he had sung….!!!

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