Wednesday, June 17, 2009


That is Mr. Rajan and me. Shoud I say, "once upon a time"? Well, it isn't that ancient yet. Back to the photo, coincidently we wore the same color that particular day. It was a rainy day and I still clearly remember I was busy preparing Senate Report. And Mr. Rajan was on his usual rounds to my office. He had his so called visiting hours and quota for the day. Note the umbrella behind us.

Mr. R, as how I fondly call him, is a very shy person to pose for photographs but he did without much thought for this shot. That's him with his "Negaraku" pose. Straight. he he.....

Those were the good old days then. I missed those days where I had my own office and my own space. That was my fort. My privacy. And my secret life. he he...wonder what secret life?? well, that's for me to know and for you guys to never know...ha ha ;)

Mr. R always had a reason to be there. Off course and why not since he is the maintenance man. There was always something to inspect and there were lots of secret dealings between us. I would say "underground dealings" for eg, i tell him verbally and get the thing done and never bothered to put in a requisition form...he he...then on the stationery and processing of requests part. He actually made my life easy by settling my requests ASAP. I think he always had a soft corner for me and I respect him very much as an elderly man. Off course there were days when he had been really nice but most days he was just a grumpy old man....But kind hearted though...

Mmmm how I wish.....

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