Monday, September 14, 2015

Adangakuthare! Again!!

I have written this post referring to my earlier post on Adangakuthare. It made me think aloud. Why?

I guess it is a misinterpretation of a woman's character hence such a term.
When a women is strong and confident she intimidates a men. How fast they are to judge a strong women.

When a woman speaks her mind. Stands for herself. When a women is adamant on her standing and when she goes a long way to prove it then she is an adangakuthare!!

When a woman doesn't speak freely to a man and when she seems like a snob (thimiru)" then she is an adangakuthare!
When a women dresses as she likes however decent it maybe still she is an adangakuthare.

When a woman says 'NO to a man's requests then she's an adangakuthare.
When a women is independent, moves fearlessly in her life then she is an adangakuthare.
When a woman questions a man's actions and behaviours. When a woman rationalises her her actions, then she is an adangakuthare.
When a woman doesn't cry and argues back to every advances of a man, then she is an adangakuthare.

Well, none of these men actually will want to get to know these adangakuthares deeper. They will get to know them only on surface level and then will quickly label these women adangakuthare!

What they fail is to see is all the above are just a wall these women have built around them. Why? Because these women are also equally scared but they put up a brave front to face the world.

These women have visions and dreams of their own. These women grew up the hard way, perhaps some even took up the role of a man in the house. They perhaps are the fighters and don't know how to quit. Maybe these women have been hurt emotionally before. The pain and scar perhaps always remind them to keep themselves cold towards men. These woman maybe disciplined and are role models for their siblings.

Men fail to see that adangakuthares are nothing less than a women. These women too have lots of desires and feelings within them. At times even more than those polite horses. They could be longing for the love and comfort of a man.

Most men don't want to break this wall. Let alone to try! Why, because again they are scared and I guess again it goes back to challenging a man's ego! What if this adangakuthare does something to hurt his ego!!?

So, I was told that a polite horse is much sought after because they are real women.
Women who listen to their men!
In actual they prefer a polite horse because a polite horse would be nodding to everything they say.
A polite horse is a 'YES' horse and they assume it will make their life so much easier.

Well, even that is never true. We have all read the famous saying ' Never judge a book by it's cover."
Just as a coin has two sides"every human being has two sides too."

It is easy to be judgmental in life. Judging a person is so easy but we often fail to evaluate ourselves..
Men give yourself a chance and give your favourite adangakuthare an opportunity to show her the other side which would leave you wanting her more! 
Don't be surprised, when you have conquered the adangakuthare, she might feel comfortable to show you her real self. The one who is demure, soft natured and bows to your love unconditionally!!!

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