Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prelude of A Song

Three comments today and that to for older posts. Never expected that readers actually scroll through old posts and I wonder what made them go back to older posts. Perhaps, minds alike? Well, old posts or new posts, that is immaterial. As far as I am concerned, all my posts are important and I made them whole heartedly. They all mean something to me. Excitedly, I read those comments and approved them one by one for publishing. At the same time I read the those commented posts as well. They all had something in common. They all could stir emotional typhoons in ones mind and heart, perhaps both! 

Ironically I think those comments were made by the same person, he/she used an open pseudonym. Just like me, that person too would like to be "unknown". Hmm.... the last comment was made on a song post,  "Vellai Pura Ondru" which I posted sometime in 2011. Sigh!! to be specific, it was 15Dec2011. I was taken back to in time as I read the post, it was a very short write-up of just a few lines. Merely few lines, but it had a lot of impact on me. The shorter the write-ups are the more I had camouflaged my feelings. Guess I know why I posted about it. My mind wandered, re-winded just like an old cassette. Afterall, I came from the cassette generation and saw the evolution to what we have now! 

I played the song in the post, the prelude itself was...fuhh berjiwang (feelings oh feelings..he he lol). Damn, here I am at office and I have 2 deadly datelines on my desk to be completed before 5pm. How dare I daydream (yes, end of the day it had been just a dream, beautiful one but with lots of not so beautiful impacts). How dare I reminisce and sort of enjoyed that moment.  So many incidents flashed in my mind, I smiled to myself and just as I was about to rewind further my handphone rang. It felt like a splash with cold water on my face. Zapped me back to reality!! It was a very familiar name on the screen and I smiled even wider. That person was not exactly the person whom I was thinking of but we were good old buddies at that phase of time, heck! even now we are but just that we hadn't met for years. Perhaps we have some soul connection. LoL. 

Sarcastically, I thanked him for bringing me back to present and even more cynically he told that "I should be spanked and have a pay cut for daydreaming during work"! It brought us both to burst in laughter. Remembering, good old days where sarcasm was all our friendship was, at least in the eyes of strangers. Just as I was not done with one flashback, my second flashback is waiting in que, he he lol.

Anyway, I better get back to work now before my mind takes me elsewhere. Darn, those deadlines are starring at me, I better sort that out before I am sorted out. Lol...Have a nice day :)

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