Thursday, August 2, 2012

Penang Waterfall Hilltop Temple

Finally, phew, finally I managed to upload the photos on the consecration of the Penang Waterfall Hilltop Murugan Temple. Hmmm I wonder if I should explain! Hmmm nahh...I won't. Deep inside I know those are merely excuses. I was not even checking my blog frequently. That explains the drop in the IndiRank :(.
There comes a time, I think in everyone's life, we just want to move on doing non-routine things but guess it just doesn't work that way!

Thank God, the weather was good. Not hazy. Sunny and windy. Indeed we, Penangites, had been badly affected by haze for more than a week. Just two days before the ceremony, the skies opened up and cleansed the whole island. :)

I'm not a professional photographer, therefore please pardon me for the poor quality of the photos. Nevertheless, I guess my BlackBerry did a good job!

 Photographs of consecration event from my point of view (in no particular order)
Welcome Banner
Temple from a distance

Lord Shivan
Breathtaking view from hilltop, Georgetown and coastal line can be seen clearly here

Moola Stanam

Interior of the Temple

Magnificent gopuram set against the cloudy sky

Awesome artwork
At the entrance

Lunch being served the traditional way :)

And last but not least, my banana leave lunch :p


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