Tuesday, January 17, 2012

At times you are quiet,
At times you are noisy,
Why is that I don't know!
To ask I dare not,
To conclude I cannot,
To assume I maybe wrong.
Now I decide to confront,
Waste no more time.
Answers you endow with
Enlightens the situation.
Let it be transparent
As clear as a crystal.
Why hide it from me?
Like the moon and the stars,
Behind the thick, gloomy clouds.
Which is which I don't know!
What's behind your silence?
Busy? Work? Hectic life?
Still can't figure it out!
What's the fun for you
To keep me in the dark?
Now, how I wish dear
You will just let me know!!

ps: image from Google


  1. Just let it know...A state of mind reflected beautifully in words...

  2. Ya, already let known ;)...Thanks Siru....


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