Friday, November 4, 2011

Braked on Time!!

Thank you Amma, for if not for you today. I may not be here now blogging about it.

Frankly, I saw my whole life unfolding right in front of me that very second! Everything happened in a split second. All I was a loud bang, beyond my radio volume, and a lot of smoke! Suddenly the cars in front of me stopped. I could hear my tyres screeching and there I was holding tight to my steering wheel. ACtuallym, I was kind of holding tight to my dear life!!! Pressing hard on my brake and felt my tyres skidded. I managed to stop my car within millimetres from hitting the back of the car in front me me!!! Phewww!! That was really close!! Thankfully the car behind me managed to stop on time!!! All was not good for the first two cars. Although the it wasn't fatal but the damage was terrible!

I am thankful I responded well. Most of all I did not panic! I was pretty calm. Could still think what to do next. I am really thankful that I am safe and my car free from any form of damages.Thank you.


  1. phew....
    close call!
    glad you came out unscathed!!
    take care!

  2. It made me realize that all it takes is just a second!! Thanks Magic :).


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