Friday, October 21, 2011

Completely lost it !!

It was a smooth drive to work this morning although the traffic was a little slow due to a lorry broke down on the bridge. Since I was early, it didn't affect me much. Certainly the late comers would have been badly affected!! Had to delay my journey a little to work today as my boss wanted me to pick him from the car service center to work. Therefore, I decided to buy breakfast first then go pick him. Timing would be perfect and I hate waiting!! :p

The restaurant was not packed at all, and for a Friday that's unusual. As I entered I ordered my favorite "Paasum Paal Tea" (Fresh milk Tea)  without sugar. The waiter didn't react at all. He went on with his chores. At first I thought he didn't hear me and before I could repeat my orders, another customer ordered something and he immediately packed his stuff!! And that customer didn't even wait at the counter, he just ordered and walked past to us to be seated!! Hello!! There I was standing like a "dungu" waiting for my orders to be taken!! That's it! I walked to the payment counter and told the other guy what I wanted and clearly indicated that it is just 8am and how come you people are already so tired, hmm more like lazy to me, that "tidak apa" attitude!! Ya, the first waiter had that lazy look on his face!! I got my stuff packed finally and the first waiter had the guts to tell me that, "You won't immediately get your orders. You need to wait a while!". Hmm how do you like that. Damn, sorry dude, you asked for it. I just snapped back at him, "If you don't take my orders, my beverage would never be ready. Don't give me crap in the morning, as the other waiter actually took the orders from me! You are nothing but a lazy scummbag!!". Oh yeah, I made sure I said it in Tamil so that he understands!  How could people in front service line be so lazy and laid back. It was just the beginning of the day, not like its 10pm. If then I would have really understood his tiredness!!

Indeed I felt very bad after that but then again, I think I was justified! If course, I should not have uttered the word "stupid"! I never do that unless it really gets on me and is really "stupid"!! 

Well, was it an after effect of anything at all?? I wonder?? But I was fine this morning, got up well, did my usual Friday prayers, even spoke to Amma for a while, checked on her toothache and bade Appa and Brownie bye! 

Probably I think the anger had already built up inside but if it did, how come I was normal. Hmm ya, I did woke up abruptly this morning thinking the alarm went off and found it to be only 4am. It took me almost an hour to fall asleep again. Ya, I hate waking up in  between because it's difficult to continue sleeping again. Was that the reason. OR is it just around my "time".

Was it because I was exhausted and slept too early last nite? 9.30pm? Hmm I'm sort of ok sleeping that early, infact I had even slept at 8pm and woke up only at 6am the next day? Why? Why was my mood affected! I hate living by mood changes! 

Alright, it's getting late. I'm hungry and when I'm hungry I get angry!! Ha ha...yes, you read it correctly. So I better adjourn to the cafe for breakfast and wait for my boss to call me from the car service centre. Rest later.

Have a nice day everyone!!


  1. Nicely put.. and rightly put also!!! Hunger makes me angry too!!!

  2. Well expressed tale. Keeping boss waiting is good concept.
    Waiter , poor fellow, if he could be intelligent enough he wouldn't be a waiter. But , if he doesn't understand a polite word, then he understands the rude way.

  3. Shri and Pramod ji, never was my intention to be rude but what goes around comes around. As a waiter he should know better, a hungry person is an angry person ;)


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