Thursday, September 8, 2011

Foods Galore in Medan - 2011

Just to share some of the meals my friend and I enjoyed while on our holiday in Medan, Indonesia last month. Medan was a simple town but with beautiful nature surroundings. Parapat and Samosir Island were simply awesome and breathtaking. Here are some of the dishes that we tasted :

My first drink upon reaching Medan. A cup of TEA at the Polonia Airport Cafe, looked and tasted more like milk!!! Rp10000 (RM3.57)

Nasi Chap Chai and markisah + terung belanda juice right behind the street of My Dream Hotel.The juice was extremely refreshing. Nothing so great about the meal, but we whacked it as we were terribly hungry. Two sets of Nasi Chap Chai and markisah + terung belanda juice cost us Rp86000 (RM30.71). That was expensive for a simple meal as such.

 Seafood Fried Noodles which we had for tea time. Ordered from the hotel restaurant and only cost us Rp15000 (RM5.35). That was considered cheap for food ordered from hotel!! We learnt our lesson, no more outside food especially not from stalls near hotel! Order from hotel, much cheaper and also tastes good!

 Nasi Penyet was for dinner. Serving of chicken in Medan is smaller compared to here. Soft and juicy, but it is more of ayam kampung size! Had this at Madras Village (behind the Gurdwara). Rp13000 (Rm4.64)

Nasi Lemak Medan version. It is basically with tempek and some keropok. Breakfast buffet at hotel. Rp30000(10.71)

Again another version of diluted tea at Parapat. Whicle waiting for the ferry to Samosir Island we decided to have a cup of hot beverage and have lunch at Samosir instead. Rp7000 (RM2.50). Next to the beverage is my faithful calculator ;)

Our lunch at Samosir Villa. Ordered from their restaurant. It was basically, chicken friend rice and seafood fried rice. Beverages : Markisah juice and hot lemon. Rp 60000 (RM21.42). hmmmm see what I meant, this was much cheaper than the street food we had yesterday. Well, we all learn!! Dine only where there is a menu with price!!

Dinner at My Dream Hotel on our last day.  Fried egg with mushroom.

 White rice.

 Stir fried kai lan.
Tom Yam Steamed Fish. This was sluurrrpp..... Yummy....

Buffet breakfast before we left to Polonia Airport. Chicken Nasi Lemak and fried egg.

We decided to indulge ourselves on makan spree on the last nite as we did not eat anything the whole day due to the nauseating journey. Oh yes, it was all ok when we left Parapat but as we were nearing Piso-Piso we were already nauseated!! I took it all out at the washroom there but my friend was bold as she vommitted right in the Medan town!! EEyuu...ha ha that was bold of her. Public showcase of indigestion!! Ha ha...

Basically, food in Medan is consumable. We didn't have trouble finding food neither with the choices. Malaysia and Indonesia, perhaps share a lot of similar food therefore food was certainly not a big problem for us. Taste of  course differed a little. We realised that they use lots of lemongrass in their cooking. Hmm for food lovers like my friend and I, we loved it.

Oh! Just a word of reminder, please have meals that had price list. We noticed that they tend to over charge foreigners! You could end up paying double!! Yes, that's what happened on the first day to us. Hence, we deicided to have our meals at the hotels itself. 

Other than that, you would certainly enjoy the variety of foods available there. :)

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  1. great pictorials. yummy food pics.

  2. yuummmmmmmmyyy... but its cheating n ppl do not use to post such pics... :(
    just kidding...
    well... great pictures, must say... :)
    n yes, forgot, the entrance of blog with chocolates is awesome...

  3. Thanks Pooja, these are real photos taken on my Medan trip indeed and I'm gald it made you feel yummy...hope you get to enjoy them too...thanks to my old faithful Canon Powershot camera ;)


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