Monday, January 17, 2011

Thaipusam 2011

It is time for that time of the year again, THAIPUSAM. Click here for my previous post on Thaipusam. 
The following is the schedule for THAIPUSAM 2011.
Thaipusam 2011 - Schedule

Here is to share some of the photos taken last year during Thaipusam :

Descending from the hilltop temple, last year

Coconut breaking, last year

Silver Chariot, last year


  1. I never knew about this... hoo!! am so glad i came to know that there are festivals specific to countries.. i checked wiki and read about this and know that this is mostly celebrated by tamils in other countries out of India

  2. Hey Hemal, indeed this widely celebrated by the Tamils and is dedicated to Lord Muruga. In Malaysia, it is celebrated by every Indian community regardless of which clan they belong to as we are small in number. A not to miss affair in Penang :)

  3. Seems full of coconut breaking during the ceremony, pl mention the location is it in Chennai or some other place in TN. Oh no i was sadly mistake it seems to be malaysia Thanks for the photos

  4. Dguide, this was at Penang during the Thaipusam eve. That is when the Lord Murugan is taken to the Hilltop Temple in a Silver Chariot.


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