Friday, January 7, 2011

Langkawi Here I Come Again

View from the plane! Langkawi has 99 island!! :)
OMG!! Ever since the year started I have been so busy with work. I hardly had time to even go to the loo let alone lunch outings!! The whole week been having lunch at the cafe! Not too bad though!! But I missed the lunch outings and the mini shoppings!!

Perhaps, I got to squeeze it all due to the holiday next Monday and Tuesday! Well, I can't help it! I know it is not the right time for to to go on holidays but then again, I don't want to burn my annual leaves like last year. Burnt two days!! Waste!!

Now to cross check whether I have done it all for the holiday.

1. Hotel - Booked
2. Car - Rented
3. Flight Ticket - Printed

Hmmm whatelse?? Looks like I am all prepared!! Yay!!

All I need to do tonight is to pack my stuff. There won't be much to pack !! Holiday on an island, all I need are a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts, sunglasses and a sun protection lotion!

Langkawi Island, here I come again!!


  1. baggage packing, be sure u leave nothing,.or take everything.
    great destination.


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