Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Do I?

  Why does my eyes look away when you are around
but searches for you beyond the horizon in your absence?

Why do I force to free myself from your embrace
but quietly I wish I could feel the warmth longer?

Why do I pretend not to listen to you
but secretly I listen to your voice mails again and again?

Why do I hurl sarcasm to you in person 
but such loving words I utter looking at you in distance?

Why do I push you when our lips meet
but kiss your photo passionately so real?

Why? Why? Why?
Why can't I be real to you?
Why do I let my super ego to control my feeling for you?


  1. your last few love poems are just too i sensed the same dilemma and contradictions to fall in love or not...cherishing each and every moment...its a very well written write...good one

  2. @Mohinee - thanks
    @Fallen Poet - Really appreciate your comments. Thanks. My writings are what I am deep inside especially when it comes to commitments. ;)

  3. We love our loved ones but why ego is more lovable to us? why?

  4. Prathiba, indeed so true! Ego blinds so many things in life, especially true feelings for loved ones. Thanks for your comments.


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