Friday, November 26, 2010

Tick! Tock!

One more day to go. That is what I have to say ;)

Lets see if this year it brings a difference or not. I really wish it brings some difference if not much.
And I hope the difference is not only in terms of AGE!! Alright, I don't even want to touch on that now ;)


  1. whats this picture is all about...if its a chocolate can i have this....plzzz plzzz plzzz

  2. Hey Mag, that's Sizzling Brownie. It is sizzled brownie served in hot plate and topped with ice-cream! It was a dessert I had! Life is a BoX of Chocolate :D :D :D
    Will buy you one when your are here ;)

  3. hah! Mag coming to Bukit Mertajam, forget it Ranjini.

    he will make you come to Blore or Chennai or Hyderabad or Lucknow or Delhi or somewhere else but in India only...

  4. Hemal, look at his "plzzz plzzz plzzz"....You never know, he might come one day!!
    But hey, I would love to visit India again and I would have a reason too - Mag ;)


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