Monday, October 25, 2010

Cari-Cari Makan in Chennai

Thumbs up for the Parotha Sets


Our very own Nasi Lemak on AA return flight
Briyani Meal

Idly and Uthappom

Masala Tea @ Marina Beach

Masala Thosai

Parotha Set
Tea, tasty till the last drop


Vegetarian Thali Meal

Poori Set


  1. hmmm... nice pics, all of them especially the ones of food! and the shopping bags! Guess your poor darling hubby is the one clicking the pics :D

    Must not have been able to get a snap of himself!

    I am glad that you enjoyed the trip... next time plan for Delhi and you will have an even better experience!

  2. Thanks Aashish and Shrikanth!
    It was a vacation trip by females only. Hence the shopping madness ha ha..
    Oh yea, I am still single by the way ;)

  3. mouth watering...some of the dishes remind me of my funny incidents of eating in restaurant during my south-India visit.


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