Friday, September 24, 2010

This morning

My journey to work today was badly effected by thick haze in the northern region. Visibility level was so poor that I could not see much around me, let alone what was in front of me. Drive on the 13.5km bridge was eerie as everything was so blurr!! It seemed like a horror movie scene. 

The usual view of the Penang Island was completely substituted with haze. Everything was so grey!!

I wanted so much to snap a photo of how it was this morning but who would mend the steering? Risk was something I dared not take this morning as I knew a small distraction would meaan a big disaster!

My views were limited by you!
Can you please move away?
Just go away somewhere else?
Or just vanish into the thin air?
You have blocked my vision completely,
Your presences was never healthy, 
Your appearance makes me uneasy, 
Having you around sends an eerie feeling.
You being here, blanketed the whole island,
Like a mourning house with a bleak future!
Mr Wind, can you please do something?
Please do the islander some justice, will you?
Could you gather all your strength and energy
And puff this HAZE away to an unknown area?
Mr. Rain, can you please lend a helping hand?
Shower as much as you could , just for today?
Let the sunshine again over the horizon,
Let me get the view of the Island back!

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