Monday, July 26, 2010

I will be there........

Feel not sad that you are alone,

Do not weep when things go wrong,

All let not your tears roll aimlessly,

Thinking there’s no one for you.

For I will be there when it rains,

To shelter you from raindrops.

I will be there when the sun shines

To share the warmth together.

I will be there when days are grey

To brighten up your life with colours.

I will be there when things go wrong

To let you know you can make it right.

I will be there when you shed tears

To lend you a shoulder to cry as much as you want.

I will be there when you are lonely

To let you know, you have a friend like me by your side.

So do not feel sad or lonely

I will always be there for you.

But would you do the same for me?


  1. that was a sweet poem, could feel the pain in it. well alli can say dear is that love should be selfless, u love because u want to love someone. if he doesnot love u back, that's bad luck but never put conditions on love.



  2. thanks Restless...
    indeed love is unconditional but unknowingly deep inside these happens ;). Conflict between heart and mind happens all the time...

  3. A nice poem.. But at the end, you are asking the other person to do the same what you are doing for him/her. Is that right?

  4. Hi Satya, Thanks for your compliment.
    Well, what I meant in my poems was, I would be all that mentioned but would "the other" party be the same?

    Love in unconditional and it has no expectations; it is easy to say but deep inside don't you agree that one has expectations? One actually looks forward for so many things in love? Most times, this feelings are bottled up and suppressed so much so that one day it would erupt like a volcano. And that day, that relationship will be in real hot-soup!

    I am merely being practical and realistic! ;)


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