Friday, June 25, 2010

Yet another cold day.....

Yet another cold day today. I just don't understand why the AC has to blast full swing. As it is the weather outside is already cold. Mind you, it is raining heavily now. High tide, so much so it is crushing against our office compound concrete.

Although it is a nice scene but it is just too cold to even stand by the window to appreciate this. Just a beautiful scene not so calm though.

Looks like I got to sneak out for a hot cup of tea now with a colleague. The problem is most of them are away attending a training elsewhere today!! I am left all alone here, and guess that contributes as to why I feel so cold!!!! ha ha...

Well, I better go to the cafe now. Have tea and some bajji or sujji and come back to blog more.

Oh better still, I shall go mix a mug of hot MILO, on some sentimental 80s and stand by the window alone, enjoy the mother nature outside. Raindrops tapering on the window glass, waves hitting the concrete, sampans moving to the rhythm of the waves, coconut trees swaying to the sound of wind, cloudy clouds dancing sexily and ME and myself!! ""Mallai vilake-ethum neeram, manathil ore kodi baram, Tanithe valthe enna laabam? Thevai illathe thagam. Thanimai-ye poo, Innimai-ye vaa, Neerum veerum serre vendum!!"" Hmmm......I just catch those kinda lyrics super-fast. Mouna Raagam movie - Panivizhum. That's damn romantic!!

Now, that would rekindle alot of forgotten memories in me but what the heck. What is present without the past? I am sure the ambience would be romantic ;) Afterall, it is Friday!!

God bless this weather!! and ME :) Happy Weekend everyone.

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