Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May 2010, where did it went??

I know it’s been terribly long since I blogged properly. The whole of MAY I went missing. Seriously, I don’t know how May passed by. It passed by so fast right under my nose! I couldn’t do anything but watch helplessly at time passing by.

Just because I didn’t blog doesn’t mean that nothing happened in my life last month. In fact it’s one of the busiest month for me. Too many things happened and I pulled through it all one by one. Still strong and standing high!! He he ;)

Got my hair colored. Highlighted actually and never once I had imagined that I would opt for this colour. Hehe change change change. I want some changes to take place in my life.

In the midst of all these, I am looking forward for my new appearance, not just the hair color. Currently I am working real hard to shed those EXTRA kilos. I am already seeing some difference and feeling good too.

Oh yeah, I got back my returns from IRB last month. That was super fast. My cheque arrived within 2 weeks after the closing date. Looks like KPI has some impact on them!! He he…should have started KPI long long ago.

And the most important and significant was that, I did something that I pledged would never do. I sent and email to an old friend. Not expecting any replies though but then I felt good that I sent the “how are you” mail. Knowing the accident my friend had and how he was immobile then, I think it was only appropriate for me to write. I should thank my superior for making me write. We had a good dinner talk last month, this was one of the few personal things that we discussed. If not for her encouragement, I would have never done this. Knowing my super egoistic self, I just could never bring myself to do that kind of stuffs. Thanks Prof!

So, May passed of just like that. Hmm….my ratings dropped. Visitors rate dropped. My blog doesn’t appear on the top ten in search. Everything was so stagnant and dull. Work was all I was ever involved in most of the time last month. But it was not all so bad. It made me realize that there is so much to life than just work. I saw the other side of life. May was indeed and eventful month, which went unblogged but never to be forgotten!!

This month onwards I am not going to let work to bog me so much. I need both these worlds. One to keep me financially stable and the other to keep my sanity intact!!

Now, here comes June with loads of excitement and oh yeah, it had already started. I am off to the Global Indian Fair this evening with some colleagues. Now isn’t that already kinda happening..he he ;)

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