Friday, February 5, 2010

Aathi Vinayagar

I received a quiet unusual mail today and I thought of just sharing it in my blog. Hopefully, you too find it interesting and worth sharing.

Aathi Vinayagar temple is the only temple in the world where Vinayagar is seen with a human face. The rest of him will be with Elephant face. The temple is located at Poomthotam, about 4 hours drive south east of Thirchy towards Poompuhar. Vinayagar is seen with a human face, for he was such before he was slayed and his head replaced with a elephant head.

ps: I will try to Google search about this tonight. ;)


  1. i want say that its not separate temple its a sannathi in shiva temple of selapathi.
    there i also another ganesha with human face in chidambaram(separate temple) as mulavor opposite to famous nataraja temple

  2. Hi Guna,
    Thanks for your info. Can you give me more information about these temples. Exact name of the temples and what is which district is it in. Thank you again for your input. Really appreciate it.


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