Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kannum Ponggal - 501 Pots in Penang Waterfall Temple

Beautifully decorated Ponggal Paanai

Waiting for Ponggal to boil

Poi Kaal Kuthirai

Recently, Kanni Ponggal was celebrated on a large scale at the Waterfall Murugan Temple, Penang. The main aim was to have 501 ponggal pots at the same time same venue. I am not sure how many pots were there on that day, but one thing for sure was, it was terribly crowded and all of us were teary eyed due to the smoke!!
Quite a number of traditional performances took place, namely, Poi Kaal Kuthira (Kuda Kepang), Mayil Attam (Peacock Dance), Kollatam, Silambattam and also Karagaattam. All in all it was a real fiesta. Free flow of Hi-Top tea was served by Enricos.
It was my first time taking part in such event and I enjoyed it very much. More such programme should be organised so that the younger generation is aware and learns of Tamil tradition. If this is not inculcated from now, our tradition and culture will just die in time. I myself, witnessed these culture shows first time, esp the Poi Kaal Kuthirai dance. Looking forward to many more culture programmes as this.
Kudos to the organisers!! and Aloha Thaipusam..........

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