Friday, December 4, 2009

Mahes and Devi's Wedding Reception

Mahes, as how we fondly call him, finally got married to his sweetheart, Devi on Sunday, 29.11.2009. It was totally a closed wedding attended by only close family members and few close friends. And what more, it was an early morning wedding!! Gees, I had to get up at 5am on a Sunday! Can you believe it? Well, I attended the wedding anyway although the devil in me was instigating hard to just sleep!! He ;)

Now a litle bit of a flashback!! Zooop.....back to 1995...Mahes, Devi and I were tuition mates and then Mahes and I ended up in the same college! (Going to that college was like the biggest mistake in my life...well i have my reason!!) So it was since then Mahes and I had been friends. And as for Devi, I can't really recal much of her as I was told she was in a different class but somehow she remembers me! So that's how long I had known Mahes. A good friend who was there for me when I needed one! And Devi, I am now really close with her and we share alot of "lady stuffs" together.

Ok back to present....zooopppp 2009.....So the wedding reception was last nite. And the whole Jing Bang Gang was there. All of them are married now and some even have 3 kids! Wow! Way to go. The reception was a good one I should say as it provided room for a small get-together for us. It was great meeting all old friends again. Thanks to you Mahes. Indeed it was a memorable evening.

Now, all the best to you two..Keep smiling always and God Bless. !!! And the rest of the gang is now expecting a wedding invitation from me!! The clock is ticking!! Tick Tock....

The couple and I


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