Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chingay Penang 2009

Next two years will be Visit Penang Year (2010 - 2012) so this year's Chingay Festival was abit more grand. The spirit of 1Malaysia was clearly seen as alot of people from different walks of life was there to watch the procession.
Chingay is a long flagpole made of bamboo shoot and the trick is to balance it with your body parts except hand for as long as possible. It was indeed abit windy so it was disappointing in the sense tha not much of balancing act can be done.
It was also great to see the younger generation taking part actively in this procession. This will ensure that the art will not fade in time. Generation this days must be taught to love and cherish old tradition and arts. If not the next generation will only read about this stuffs in history class. It is not only animals and plants extinct but tradition too.
Dragon dances, lion dances and the traditional chinese music instruments were very well played by the younger generation. BRAVO!!
I had a great view of the whole procession from the junction of Market Street off Pitt Street. Very colourful and happening.

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