Monday, November 23, 2009

What a weekend

Weekend was really great. It was the much awaited ladies weekend ;). Although it was rainy throughout the journey to KL but the time spent together was a pleasure.

It was my first time visiting The Curve mall. I don't understand what's the big hoo-haa about it as to me it seemed to be just another mall. Traffic congested place! More people. Ahh mess....Well, that was the negative part!

Of course, the bright side was it has some nice outlets which sells good outfits with gret discount.!! I bought a blouse for only RM13 and it was "buy one free one"!! So I got two blouses for the price of one! The Curve can be a real one-stop centre if you happen to live nearby as you get all you need there. You will be really spoilt for choice.

End of the day, ladies will always be ladies as we can never resist shopping malls.

The next day was "re-visiting" Sogo and Masjid India! It brought back so much of memories to me. I watched Gajini in Colloseum with a friend and walked around that area some yeas back. That was when my friend actually pointed out my egoness and that was when I realised that my friend was just being like me. Another mirror image of me. I remembered when my friend asked if can hold hands when we were walking and I just said ok but kept my hand to me. That was when I realised how egoistic I was!!!! Ha ha...And my reply to my friend was, "since you asked then you hold my hand".!!! EGOISTIC GIRL!!! ;)
All in all it was a good weekend with great hospitality ie: good food, alot of walking, wonderful hosts, sweet PABLO and it was more of re-visiting old memories for me!!
Now I am back to office, blogging and bugging!!! I can't stop this or should I say I am addicted to it!!! GGrrrr....well at least it keeps me going... ;)

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