Friday, September 11, 2009

Retro Nite-WOU 2009

It was a blasting WOU Anniversary celebration last was good...the theme itself was great.... It must have brought back alot of memories to the older generation ;)

Everyone were dressed up well for the nite. My floor mates and I were involved in the dance presentation. It was a combination of retro songs in 4 different languages. My floor mates were very sporting and even the Deans took part casually. We grabbed the best performance for the nite. It was a cash prize worth RM150.00

Now, what would we do with that cash?? We will think of something. Charity? Makan? mmmm....

In my attire with part of the team
I can't believe I actually went up the stage and danced, with real disco attire. Adui..people who know me would get a shock...It was not me at all. In all glitters, red bandana....eeeewwww.... he he....

End of the day, it was all fun.....

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