Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ahhh it wasn't bad at all....

I would say, it wasn't bad at all. It was really an exciting experience. Truly fun and I would want to do it again.

No doubt on Thursday night I hardly slept and I was down feeling sick and nauseating. Off course, it was all just because I had to take flight the next day. I remember clearly, tossing and turning on my bed and sweating all nite. Everytime I closed my eyes, I felt suffocating. So I ended up staying awake the whole night.

As my clock ticked away nearing 5am I almost fainted. I could hear my heartbeat and I was sweating endlessly. I was so nervous that I left my handphone at home and only remembered when I reached Juru Autocity. Dad had to make an U-turn home, of course I was bombarded with questions like how could I be so careless and how can I be so unprepared.??

I kept quite throughout the journey to the airport. It was a relieve to see Vicky there and I was glad that we reached before "her". It saved me from a long long lecture from my dad.

But my thoughts were only on the flight. How would it be? Is it safe? How is the weather? Bla bla bla…self inflicted worries…..!!!

It was such a big relieve when we landed safely at KLIA. I need not write of our activites in KL as ladies being ladies we ended up on a shopping spree.
Just very briefly, we stayed in the Grand Crescent Hotel, Brickfields. We scavenged Brickfields on Friday and the next day we ended up at Sogo and Petaling Street. Biasalah, ladies.

And not to forget, I took this opportunity to meet up with Lalitha, my good friend. We had our lunch and coffee outing. But how unfortunate as our usual San Francisco Coffee House is no more there in Midvalley. Sad L..

All was well last weekend and ended well. I had a good trip to KL and of course the flight experience was also good. Excellent actually.!!!

Well, I didn't know what was I so scared of? It was really cool actually. ;)
Now I am already looking forward for my next flight experience. I will remember this experience for the rest of my live!!

So where shall I fly to next?? ;) lol :p

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